On this page you will find a list of current Care Groups. You will also find the target age for the group and the group leader's contact number.
Care Group Coordinators: Peter and Phyllis Paige 706-359-6757

Raley-Lewis Care Group: For Young Adults and Newly Married Couples 706-589-0626/706-631-8823

Woodall-Burke Care Group: For Workers or Volunteers in the Church 706-359-1615/706-359-4146

Griggs/Tuten Care Group: For Middle Age Couples and Families with Young Children 706-678-7090/706-359-5222

Goldman Care Group: For Middle Age Couples 706-359-3735/864-391-4098

Smith/Davis Care Group: For Non Sunday School Attendee’s 706-359-5220/706-359-3260

Walker Care Group: Senior Adult Care Group 706-359-3547/706-359-3344

Warner Care Group: Middle Adult Couples 706-359-5058

More Info
For more information about Care Groups please contact the church office.